Thursday, 4 February 2016

... every single day

Yesterday I caught myself uttering a phrase I have used many, many times before... Perhaps you have as well? I was describing some banal process flow something-or-other to a co-worker and casually mentioned, "Wow! I learn something new every single day."

I'm not even sure if he heard me say it, or if like an uncomfortably large portion of what happens in this place, it simply slid through from left to right ear.

Nonetheless, I will take up the challenge and see if indeed, I can learn something every single day.

Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, what did I learn on Day 1?

I am an eternal optimist. It's an incurable disease. It's airborne, and also highly contagious. Anyone who has ever been exposed at any point in the past, is liable to contract it again.

And this is a good thing.

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