Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bat in your crease

Forget about Parse, they say

Will the recent notice of the impending shutdown of Parse, I wanted to offer my own take. I have built a couple applications using Parse as the data back end to the business. 

As a vendor, Parse is super easy to use, powerful, and huge. 

They sold themselves to Facebook three years ago, and just gave public notice they'll shutdown in a year. 

The pundits say: "Learn a lesson about being too dependent on others.”

“Don’t outsource your key technology.”
“Learn to do it yourself.”

Well, I do know how to run databases and application servers. From bare metal, right up to publishing public APIs.

And you know what? I’m not going to do that anymore. 
The same way I know how to change the brakes on my car, but I don’t. I prefer to hire someone who can tell at a glance if the tolerances are off, or if my brake pads are wearing unevenly. 

I’ll focus my energy and effort where I have expertise. 

And in this context, my expertise is in the logic of my apparently. 

As for the services I use to run my business .. aren’t I worried about outsourcing critical infrastructure to others?


The same way I don’t try to a) generate my own electricity, b) manufacture the computers we use, or c) use my limited carpentry skills to build desks for my team. All critical infrastructure, yes, but I feel good leaving them in the hands of experts — whom I will gladly pay very well to perform those services for me.

Database sizing, hardening against attacks, building a 24/7 support team to feed the server. Umm…no thanks.

Gotta choose my battles.

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