Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Early thoughts on iOS 7

I installed the first beta of iOS 7 on Monday night and have been playing around with it. Constantly. I have no choice really, it's installed on my personal, daily use iPhone.

These are my thoughts:
  • The new UI is gorgeous.
  • I love the extra, subtle animations throughout. Esepcially the fade in/fade out when sleeping/waking the device.
  • This build is a battery SUCK! Down to 77% battery from the time I wake in the morning, to getting on the bus to work. No doubt this will improve dramatically before too long.
  • Having apps update in the background is great! Yesterday I had 32 apps update during the day, so almost every time I glanced at my iPhone, I could see one or more apps being updated. Luckily, I never needed to use one while it was being updated. Rare, but I guess it could happen.
  • We finally have quick access to the common settings, including switching the radios on and off, as well as a handy flashlight(!) 
  • We can now share passes, and scan in new ones, right from within Passbook
All in all, I think I'm going to love iOS 7. I'm really looking forward to opening up the SDK, and playing with the internals. 

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