Thursday, 7 March 2013

Copy & Paste can be good!

Rather than point to some sort of innovation gap at Samsung, I prefer to consider that Samsung building their new Wallet to be interoperable with the iOS Passbook is a great thing for the industry.

Samsung Wallet logo
For e-wallets to truly take off requires a certain scale in the number of businesses using the technology. This tipping point can most quickly be achieved by multiple vendors releasing complementary and enabling products. The very last thing I want to see if yet another vendor introduce a new tech that they hope to become yet another 'standard'.
Apple Passbook logo

It's a smart move on Samsung's part to follow Apple on this. It shows that their business sense is not being overridden by some schoolyard-level ego about "anything they can do, I can do better." -- a mantra that seems to be the tone of too many journalists and commenters.

Kudos to Apple for not suing.

Now that the two largest smartphone vendors have found more common ground, perhaps a true "standard" will evolve from this.

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