Friday, 28 September 2012

I have an idea for an app..

I make my living writing mobile apps. If people stop asking for mobile apps, I can't make a living.

I'd like to suggest though, that sometimes, no make that _usually_, the right answer for your project is not a mobile app.

But how would you know, you ask?

Tell #1
If you're sure your app could solve at least four or five key problems that people face everyday - don't build an app.

The best apps address one problem, and solve the heck out of it.

Tell #2
If, while describing your app, you say, "it's just like a magazine, only better" -- don't build an app.

What you may need my friend, is to publish an e-book. Same great content, same mobile audience, all for less than 1/4 the effort (and cost!)

Tell #3
Your financing plan calls for the graphic artists and programmers you'll hire to be willing to work for an equity share in your sure-fire-can't-miss venture.

Please step away from your 5-slide Keynote deck. You perhaps, quite honestly, have no idea at the literally dozens, of pitches we digital creatives hear every month. Most backed with promises of IPO happy endings. If only all the stock options I've been offered had come in 2-ply, I might get some use out of them...

To be clear, I'm not the one to tell you your idea is not original, or that you're only a small break and a couple of angel investors away from being the next Facebook.

You may be all those things. In fact, the plan in your head may indeed be for the next Angry Birds.

Please also consider that it may not.

If you do insist, you can hire me, of course. I will build that app. After all, it is your money.

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